Image of bottle of foundation and primer on top of marble with fairy lights and a pink rose

C.Y.O Foundation and Primer

Being super pale makes getting a foundation difficult. No companies seem to have yet made a ‘milk bottle’ or ‘Casper the friendly ghost’ colour. And a lot of the time even the colours that claim to be …

Photo of a cup and saucer sitting on top of a blanket

Five Things That Help My Anxiety

Anxiety sucks. If you don’t suffer from anxiety it can be hard to understand just how bad it feels. You know when you feel really nervous before an interview or something big? Now imagine feeling …

Photo of a piñata can of irn bru sitting on a bike against an orange wall

Colour Walk Glasgow

Glasgow street art is amazing! And what better way to see it than a colour walk with a group of colour loving people?! A couple of weeks ago I took a trip through to Glasgow …