I love a vintage fair!  The last few times Judy’s has been in Edinburgh I haven’t been able to go so I was pretty excited about the fair on Sunday.  It was my first outing with my camera myself since I started my blog, I was a teeny bit self conscious about taking photos of the stalls and there was no way I would have had the guts to ask anyone if I could take their photo.  Maybe next time, it is such a good place to get fashion inspiration as a lot of people turn up looking fabulous.

Me and my boy are in the process of buying our first flat, it was so difficult to resist the urge to buy loads of home things!  I did treat myself to a tiny teacup though.

I loved this stall from Va Va Vintage, check out how cute their business cards and price tags are.
Since the fair was the day before pay day I had a budget of £30, below is what I bought.