(Scottish) Summer is approaching and I can’t wait!  Granted the summer tends to be wet and not all that warm but on the few days that we do get sun and warmth it is great.

So, we are soon due to get our (two day) summer and I can’t wait to get the sandals on and my legs out.

1. Pinafore from Boohoo
2. I love this hat!  I have been searching for a cat ear bowler for a while and they have been sold out everywhere  I finally found this one on Missguided
3. These sandals from Topshop are definitely one of my must haves for the summer
4. Denim cutout dress is also from Boohoo
5. I have coveted the Mulberry Alexa satchel for ages – I must have one, just maybe not this year…
6. Wedges from Irregular Choice, I may have a slight obsession with Irregular Choice shoes, 6 pairs and counting.  They are so fun and eye-catching and people always comment on them
7. Fun sunglasses from Urban Outfitters
8. ‘Loon’ necklace from Bonnie Bling.  To me the word loon means crazy, but to my mum (who was born in the north of Scotland) it means boy

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