I have found my new favourite pub, the Roseleaf in Leith.  On Sunday I went for afternoon tea with some of the girls from work.  Well, really it was a Mad Hatters tea party.  I chose to wear my own wee bowler hat, although if you don’t have one of your own there are hats hanging up on the wall that you can wear.

As soon as I walked into the pub I knew I was going to like it, the first thing you see is a cabinet filled with all sorts of trinkets, with an old typewriter on top.

There is so much to take in, the light shades were hats and there are different teapots along the back of the bar.  I tried to get a picture of the hat light shades but they were right on front of the window so the light was not good.

The table we were sat at had a lace tablecloth on it ready for our afternoon tea, after sitting down we swiftly ordered cocktails.  My first one was an Adams Love Apple, apple vodka, juiced apples and pomegranate.  It was so crisp and fresh and, well, delicious.  The one thing that can make afternoon tea better is a boozy afternoon tea!

We were brought out cake stands with an amazing selection of food.  Lovely open ham sandwiches on rye bread, spinach and ricotta pastries, smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwiches, scones served with cream and jam, carrot cake cupcakes and chocolate eclairs.  All were truly scrumptious and I was completely stuffed by the time I finished.

Even the toilets were quirky, behind the toilet there was a mug hanging up that had chalk in it and there was a chalk board on the toilet wall.  A great way to get around graffiti.  I couldn’t help but write a message.
I was working on Monday so I had to behave and limited myself to only two cocktails, my second one being the Mad Hatter (it would have been rude not to), but I will definitely be back to have afternoon tea again and to sample a few more of the cocktails!
If you have not been you really have to go, even if you are not from Edinburgh it is worth the trip down to Leith for it.