Mallzee was first brought to my attention at Pout in Edinburgh this September.  It is a personal shopping app that searches different retailers for you and suggests items based on the information you provide when you first open up the app.  Some of the nice people from Mallzee were also at Fabb bloggers event in Glasgow at the start of the month and they were giving demonstrations on how the app worked.
On first opening the app you pick your gender.
It then gives you instructions on how to like items and how to hide those that you wouldn’t wear.
After this you are presented with some outfits to either say you like or don’t.
Once you have completed these steps you pick the brands that you like from the list provided.
You are then taken to the ‘Discovery’ section of the app where you scroll through options that have been picked based on the information you have already given.  Again at this point you can like or hide clothes, the idea behind this is that the app gets smarter based on the things you like/dislike.
Using the search feature you can request results for a certain thing you are looking for, so for example you are looking for a new winter jumper you can search ‘knitwear’.  It will then search from the list of retailers you have picked.
Once the search results have come up again you can hide the results you don’t like, double tap to like and save an item and you can also buy straight from the app!
This is a great app and I love the way you can search a lot of your favourite shops in one place rather than having to go to each individual website.  Also, the majority of searches have given me stuff that I would wear and that suits my style.  There is a social aspect to the app too, if you are looking for an opinion on something you can ask your friends to let you know what they think.
The only downside to this app is that it is not available on Android, only iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.  Hopefully in time it will also be available through Google Play.  Although I am an Android user I still have an old iPhone which I am glad about as it meant I had the chance to try this out.
If you have an iPhone and have not already got Mallzee I suggest downloading it for free on iTunes.