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Last weekend was pretty busy!  On Saturday afternoon I braved the torrential rain and jumped on the train to Glasgow to go to the Beauty Kitchen in Saltmarket.  I went with bloggers Lyn, Naomi and Lindsay.

The Beauty Kitchen were at FABB events and along with handing out samples of their amazing 100% natural body scrub we also got a voucher to go along and make our own!

I have been really excited about this as I really liked the body scrub sample we got, it is a great exfoliator and it leaves your skin feeling so soft without using any moisturiser.

Everything in the body scrub is chosen by you, there are seven scented oils to choose from.  There were quite a few people there so seven different people were picked to have an oil massaged into their arm, they then went around and let everyone have a wee sniff, this was how you decided which one you wanted to use.  Anyone looking in the window must have been wondering what an earth we were doing!

The next steps are to pick the base for your scrub and then a herb to compliment it.  Each herb has a different property and each base is good for different skin types.

Once all three ingredients have been picked you mix it all together in a bowl and then transfer it into your jar ready to take home.

The finished product.  I used Wake Me oil (which has a really subtle citrus scent), Himalayan salt and bitter orange.  It was a fun day and it is really nice leaving with something that you have made exactly how you want it.  With Christmas on the way a Beauty Kitchen experience would make a really nice gift.


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