Last week I was one of the lucky bloggers to get invited to an event at Lush Braehead.  It was an opportunity to see round the shop, find out about the products and learn about the new mothers day and easter products.
For those of you who don’t know about Lush, it is a beauty and skin care company who use fresh ingredients and are very passionate about fighting against animal testing.  In fact Lush don’t believe in buying any ingredients from companies that test on animals.  The shops smell so good and the bath bomb display is always my favourite.
There were cupcakes waiting us when we arrived and we were greeted by Victoria.  The staff in Lush shops are always so happy, seriously, do they ever have a bad day?!  Lush Braehead staff are no different.
Things started off with an ice-breaker involving Shower Jelly, a good opportunity to find out a bit about the bloggers we did not know.  We were then split into groups to get a tour of the shop and find out a bit more about the products.  Scott and myself got shown round by Kristen.
After this we got shown the new products (which are now available in Lush shops) for mothers day and Easter.  We got given demonstrations of bath bombs and bubble bars, all of which smelled amazing!  Wonder Woohoo is a bath bomb for mother’s day.  It is gold, glittery and inspired by Wonder Woman, perfect for every mum as they are wonder women.  Another one of my favourites was Rose which is inspired by the rose from Beauty and the Beast, it is fragranced with turkish rose.
Golden eggs and bunches of carrots dominated the Easter display, and the Easter gift sets are super cute.  If you love glitter and shiny things then the golden egg is for you, even when Victoria picked it up glitter flew everywhere!  Lush do not use glitter made from plastic, another nice thing they do for the environment.
The night ended with goody bags for us and the chance to have a look round the shop and pick up a few things for ourselves.
I decided to buy the ‘New’ shampoo bar which smells like cinnamon and the tea tree toner.
Lush Braehead have their own twitter and Instagram if you want to give them a follow.

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