It has been a while since I have posted a wish list so I thought I would take the opportunity to put together a wee post showing what I am lusting over at the moment.


Clockwise from top left:

1. ASOS See the Light pointed heels – I love the design of these shoes, the t-bar gives a nod to vintage style while the cone heel keeps a modern edge to them.  The fact that the shoe is not too dainty means that they could also be worn with tights since we are coming into autumn.

2. Netted Tutu skirt – Elsie’s Attic – This super girly skirt is right up my street, it brings out my inner 5 year old that wanted to be a ballerina!  It comes in a choice of four different colours, pink would definitely be my colour of choice.  The thing that is so great about this skirt is that you can keep it really girly and dressy or toughen it up with tights and a pair of boots depending how the mood takes you.

3. Diana mini camera – I love having a digital camera, instantly being able to see what the picture you have taken looks like, makes taking the perfect picture a lot easier.  That being said there was always something really exciting about handing your film in to be developed and not knowing what your photos look like until you have them back!  This camera goes back to real photography, the Diana mini uses 35mm film.  Add the cool retro casing on the camera and I am smitten.  The only thing left to do would be to find somewhere that develops film…

4. Fuji Instax 210 camera – Yes, another camera.  This is the modern polaroid and I do love a Polaroid camera.  There is something about the classic white border that I have always loved about them, plus it is pretty cool getting to watch it develop before your very eyes!  The photos that come out of this camera are slightly bigger than the original but great all the same.

5. Sugar and Vice one colour Gemstone necklace – This is my kind of diamond necklace!  I have been lusting over Sugar and Vice pieces on Instagram for a while but am yet to own any of their stuff.  I love a statement piece of jewellery and this is perfect in pink.  It is also available in an assortment of different colours, if pink is not your bag.