Normally I try not to mention Christmas until December and with my other half having his birthday at the start of December, Christmas doesn’t really start in our home until after then.  That being said, with only 64 days until pressie day and the fact that I have now been to two Christmas product launches , I suppose I can talk about it.
A few weeks ago I was invited to the Halloween and Christmas product launch at Lush Braehead.  As we arrived we were greeted by the ever friendly Lush staff, given a name badge (a great idea as you quite often only know people by their blog name!) and pointed in the direction of the table of treats provided by none other than Three Sisters Bake!
Lush love an ice-breaker, so we were asked to make a circle and introduce ourselves, our blog, what we blog about and our favourite thing about Crimbo.

Next up were the products!  The group I was split into were taken to shower products first.  I’m sure everyone will be delighted to know that Snow Fairy is back this year and smells as delicious as ever.  Among the other shower products were Hot Toddy, Rose Jam and the Fun Snowman kit which comes with 3 colours of fun – orange, black and white – so you can make your very own snowman.  Hot Toddy is the perfect winter scent, with cinnamon leaf oil and fresh ginger it is like Christmas in a bottle.  Oh, and it has a bit of gold shimmer through it!  Rose Jam (un-surprisingly) has a floral scent, like roses.  Sometimes rose smelling products are in danger of smelling like something your gran would wear, Lush have successfully avoided this and Rose Jam is a winner for me.

Still in shower we moved onto soap – I love the soap table, the big slabs of soap look and smell good enough to eat (don’t though)!  My two favourites were Yog Nog and Reindeer Rock.  Yog Nog is a blend of clove bud and ylang ylang essential oils and is dusted with cocoa powder, it smells a little like caramel shortcake.  Reindeer Rock is a berry scented soap with little reindeer embossed on it.  It is made from dried lingonberry infusion and a mix of bergamot oil and cypress.

We were then taken to the massage bars and shown how to give a hand and arm massage.  I was paired with Hailey and we got to pick a massage bar.  Hailey picked Soft Coeur (which smells like chocolate) and I picked Snow Fairy Sparkle, after the massage we were given First Snow to put on our arms and hands.  First Snow is definitely on my wish list from the Christmas range.  Not only does it smell delicious (a blend of sweet orange and lime oil) it is so sparkly and shimmery!  Perfect any Christmas night out.

We got demonstrations of the bath bombs and bubble bars, all of which looked and smelled great, and they make your bath water soooo pretty.  Holly Golightly and Candy Mountain bubble bars were my favourite.  Holly Golightly drew me in with the name (I love Breakfast at Tiffany’s) and all the glitter!  It has a spicy smell much like Hot Toddy.  Candy Mountain makes your bath water pink and it smells oh so good!  Another plus point for this is if you stash it in your room (mine is in my dressing room) it means that room will smell lovely until you use it.

As always Lush have done a marvelous job with their Christmas gift sets.  I love the look of ’12 Days of Christmas’ set which is a giant book filled with twelve of the most popular products including Hot Toddy shower gel, celebrate body lotion and a selection of bath bombs, melts and soap.  ‘Christmas Candy Box’ is up there for me too containing Candy Mountain, Rock Star, Butterbear and Snow Fairy.

Clockwise from top left corner: Santa Baby lip tint, Snow Fairy shower gel, 12 Days of Christmas gift box, First Snow sparkling dust, Rose Jam shower gel, Father Christmas bath bomb, Holly Golightly bubble bar, Shooting Star knot-wrap, Christmas Candy Box.
Above I have picked out a few of my favourites, hopefully Santa will be reading this and pop some of these in my stocking!

There are so many great products this year for Christmas, all can be found on the website here.

Oh, and my favourite thing about Christmas is getting to spend time with my family and all the traditions that go along with the festive period.  What is everyone else’s favourite thing about Christmas?