What’s in my bag?

I love ‘what’s in my bag’ posts.  A girl’s handbag is a sacred personal item.  You would never just go into someone else’s handbag and I genuinely don’t know what any of my friends carry in their bag on a daily basis.

I think I carry quite a lot in my bag, a bit like Mary Poppins – minus the lamp.

At the moment my bag of choice is this Dune one.  I picked it up a few weeks ago in TKmaxx and it is the perfect size for the ridiculous amount of stuff I carry about:

1. Organiser – as some of my readers may know I am getting married this year.  I got a little bit of a shock on 1st January thinking I had one more month of planning than I actually do!  So I am now carrying my wedding planner with me wherever I go.  Just in case something suddenly springs to my mind.
2. Tiny notebook – As I explained in one of my posts last month I’m one of those people who has a million bits of paper at the bottom of my bag with notes scribbled on them.  Well, I used to be.  I’m old fashioned and prefer good old pen and paper for notes rather than my phone.
3. Dove hand cream – A must have in this weather.
4. Lip balm – Generally I have more than one lip balm in my bag.  At the moment I’m carrying Balmi coconut, it smells so good.
5. Dune purse – A Christmas gift from my mum.  I love the studding on it and this means it also doubles up as a weapon…lol.
6. iPhone – I feel like I have lost a limb if I’m without my phone (the sad reality of the 21st century).  I take A LOT of pictures so I always need this with me.
7. Keys – pretty self explanatory.  Princess Unikitty on my car keys and a pink Con and wee owl on my house keys.  The Converse was a gift from the boy.
8. Diary – my refusal to use my phone for notes also extends to my calendar.  I still like a good old paper diary.  Plus this one is cute.
9. Pen – for said diary, notebook and planner.
10. iPod and earphones – Although I take my phone everywhere with me I still choose to have all my music on my iPod.


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  1. Anonymous
    February 18, 2015 / 9:59 pm

    I love this blog! And congrats on your wedding engagement! What inspires you?

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