I have never been one for putting in much time and effort to eyebrow maintenance. It always seemed like just an extra and unnecessary addition to an already time consuming grooming regime.  As a teenager while a lot of girls were plucking their eyebrows to within an inch of their life I was leaving mine au naturel.

More recently I have been making a bit of effort with my eyebrows.  Now, when I say more effort what I mean is I bought an eyebrow kit to fill mine in every morning and occasionally pluck some stray hairs.  There is so much focus on eyebrows and so many products aimed at creating the perfect brows it was hard not to jump on the bandwagon.

At the Debenhams AW15 press show a few weeks ago Benefit were offering complimentary brow tints and waxes.  Initially unsure, when I was reassured they would only give me a tidy up of some of my stray hairs and tint them to the colour I was already using to fill them in, I thought why not?

First off the tint is applied to your brows with a healthy dose of vaseline all round your eyebrows so the colour only tints the desired hairs.  After the tinting comes the waxing part.  Honestly I wasn’t looking forward to this, plucking can sometimes bring a tear to my eye!  It was practically painless.

The last of the stray hairs were plucked and then the annoying tufty bit I have on my left eyebrow was trimmed!  Apparently everyone has one brow does that so I don’t feel so bad about it now.

Once all this was done you get a wee touch up of make up which takes away any redness from the waxing, it doesn’t even look like you have just your eyebrows done.  Well, apart from having brows that are totally on point!

I am now completely converted to getting my eyebrows done and Benefit is definitely where I will be going!

Has anyone else tried Benefit brow bar?

All photographs taken by me.