Readers of my blog will know it is no secret that I’m a MASSIVE fan of Lush!  Their products smell good enough to eat and leave you feeling clean and pampered. When it comes to beauty products I have to really love something to buy it again.  Here are my all time favourite Lush products.

Ocean Salt Facial Scrub – Amazing for when your skin needs a really good exfoliate.  Ocean Salt has an amazing citrus scent and course sea salt.  The sea salt means it really works at getting rid of dead skin.  As with all Lush products they chuck in a bunch of ingredients that will also help leave your skin soft and moisturised.  The Lush website recommends rubbing it into dry skin for a really good exfoliate or onto damp skin for a more gentle result.
I use this about three times a week.

New shampoo bar – This has a great cinnamon smell and leaves your hair squeaky clean – literally!  With cinnamon, clove and peppermint this shampoo bar stimulates your scalp which is meant to help hair growth.  I also find less of my hair actually comes out during washing which I’m sure anyone else with long hair will appreciate is a good thing!

Bubblegum Lip Scrub – It’s pink, tastes amazing and gives you super soft lips!  All these points make this an absolute winner for me.  Unfortunately I get quite dry lips, and lip balm alone is not enough for me.  Also a lover of a bright lip I use the lip scrub before applying colour to make sure my lips are nice and smooth.

What are your favourite Lush products?

Photograph taken by me