Foodie Friday – Fakeaway Chicken and Ham Fried Rice

The weekends are great for naughty food, especially after a long week at work. Thing is, no matter how good you have been through the week a weekend blowout can totally ruin your good work.

A fakeaway is a great dupe and will probably be just as quick as phoning a takeaway on a Saturday night.


Rice (I’m a lazy cook – I use boil in the bag. 1 bag will do 2 people)
2 eggs
Spring onions
Fry Light spray
Soy sauce

Start by boiling the rice, cook for around 2 minutes less than the instructions tell you since you will be frying it.  Once the rice has cooked set it to the side and spray a frying pan with Fry Light.  Fry the chicken, ham (how much of this you add is really up to you and your appetite) and spring onions.   Add the eggs to the pan and scramble.  A lot of recipes will tell you to add the eggs after the rice, but this kind of makes all the ingredients congeal…not the most appetising!

Add the rice and fry for a few minutes.  Finally finish by adding a good few dashes of soy sauce.  Serve and enjoy!

Photograph taken by me

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