A wee bit late in the month to be posting about last month but March has been busy so far!  2016 is flying in. Did anyone do anything nice with their extra day in February? I spent mine in work…!

So February was a pretty good and exciting month. Best thing by far was my trip to Skye with my boyfriend.  He organised the whole thing, asked me to get a day off work and then a few weeks before actually told me where we were going. On our first or second date we spoke about places in Scotland that we hadn’t been and wanted to go and Skye was top of my list. We went up for Valentine’s weekend, and typically it was snowing for the drive up!  Pretty heavily. Although the further north we got the better the weather got.

The drive up was nice, great views and an awesome road trip playlist. I think living in central Scotland it’s so easy to forget just how beautiful this country is but the further north you go the more you realise it. Skye was great, we went to the Fairy Pools and managed to find Fairy Glen which is not signposted at all. I will be putting up a full post all about it soon.

My annual work party was in February. As always it was fantastic fun. LOTS of dancing, a wee bit drinking and photo props made it a really fun night. I was also ubër happy because I got to wear the fabulous tutu I had to planned to wear on Hogmanay.

Despite the freezing cold winter weather February saw more time spent outdoors going for walks, there were a few runs thrown in as well in preparation for a 10k we have signed up for in April.

I take a lot of photos, you can check out more of them over on my Instagram.

Photographs taken by me and M Richardson