February 12, 2017

How I Stay Organised

When it comes to organisation and list making I’m all over that s**t.

I love a list! Pretty much every situation in my life requires a list, I haven’t quite got to the stage of making a list of the lists I need to make, but even that doesn’t sound like a bad idea…

Being an organised person requires some sort of list making process and capturing of appointments, otherwise you easily forget what you need to do thus becoming disorganised. There ‘s also a bit of a requirement to be slightly anal, like I said, I make lists for pretty much everything!

Every organised person has different ways of being so. There’s been a lot going around on social media recently about bullet journals (if you haven’t heard about them you can read more here). Initially set up to be practical, the bullet journal has been adapted by many people to be a creative outlet (seriously some of the spreads are impressive) and habit tracker. I dipped my toe in the water with bullet journalling but it wasn’t for me. I’m way too much of a perfectionist, plus I don’t want my whole life in a book I carry around with me all the time.

So, what do I do to stay organised? I have different methods. First up is the good old fashioned organiser. I don’t think I’m ever going to fall out of love with pen and paper. I like writing, as in the physical act of it, and despite having had a smart phone for close to ten years now I’ve never switched completely to the calendar on my phone.

This brings me nicely to my next tool – Google calendars on my phone. I use this mostly if I’m making an appointment when I’m out and about (which will later get transferred into my organiser) or if there’s something Mark and I are going to together I’ll send an invite to him. It is also a good tool if you want to be sweet and set up a date day/night with your OH – just send them an invite!

Next up is possibly my favourite organisation tool. An app called Wunderlist. You can get this on iPhone and Android, which is just as well as I have many lists I’ve shared with Mark and we’re on opposite sides of the operating system divide! They range from fun things like our list of what to do in Scotland, to places in the world we want to visit, to the more mundane everyday things like shopping lists. The app allows you to set up different lists and you pick which ones you want to share. The great thing about shared lists is once someone has completed the task and ticked it off, it’s removed from the lists on both our phones. You can also set reminders, which is a must for me. A to do list is all good but sometimes I need a wee prompt that something needs done.

However, you really can’t beat a good ‘to do’ list. Very few things happen in my life that don’t have a list for organisation. Going on holiday – list. Doing the weekly food shop – list. Staying overnight somewhere – list. I’d feel lost without them and no doubt end up forgetting something. I’ve also used ‘to do’ lists at work for years, opting for a paper diary over functions on my PC – what if the systems went down one day?! As well as the very valid reason of your diary not crashing I find it easier to prioritise my workload. Highlighters all the way baby! I use different colours depending on the urgency and generally use three categories – urgent, need to do, nice to do.

A few other things that keep me organised – I use Excel for my monthly budget. And when it comes to my emails I keep things organised in different folders (this applies to both work and personal).

So there you have it. A wee insight into my geeky organisational methods. What do you do to keep organised? Are you like me and still carry a diary with you, or have you embraced technology?

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