Today my blog is four!

When I started Frocks and Fairycakes in 2013 I didn’t really see things continuing this far. I know, not the best way to go into a new venture, but sometimes I’m not the best at sticking to things. But hey, four years later and I’m still writing.

So when my online venture turned one I shared a post (which you can read here) properly introducing myself and giving a few facts about me. Something that didn’t happen at the start, I kind of jumped into the whole blog thing.

Well things have changed a bit since that one year post. I don’t live in Falkirk anymore and I don’t have a fiancé anymore, or a husband for that matter. That didn’t work out and although I never went into detail online (because it wasn’t just my story I would’ve been telling) people who have followed me on Instagram might have noticed the posts about wedding planning just stopped and a bit later a new guy started showing up on my feed. That’s Mark, my awesome boyfriend who I live with in Fife (he is also photographer, editor and tech support for Frocks and Fairycakes).

I also no longer work for a big company. In fact right now I’m not really working at all. I got made redundant in February and am filling my time studying web design and organising the Edinburgh Blogger Conference.

So here’s to four years of Frocks and Fairycakes, and to four years of me sticking to something I do as a hobby! My blog isn’t huge, I don’t have thousands of followers on social media but I’ve got something I created. I’ve learned skills I didn’t have four years ago. I’ve met nice people through blogging and it also gave me the opportunity to get involved in organising the Edinburgh Blogger Conference I mentioned just above.

Who knows where this will be in another four years time, but I hope I still have a passion for writing. For now though I’m off to eat cake, because my wee blog turning four seems as good a reason as any to fill my face with my favourite food!

Photograph taken by me