My Month in Photos – April


Well here we are into May already!

April was a great month, we had cracking weather and Mark and I had some fun days out.

We visited St Andrews which is always a fun day out for me. St Andrews is one of my favourite places in Scotland, and luckily for me I now live about thirty minutes away. A nice walk on the beach was followed by ice cream at Janetta’s. Whenever the sun is out the queue for for ice cream is out the door at Janetta’s. But trust me it is worth queuing for. Good luck picking a flavour though!

In Scotland two sunny weekends in a row is not all that common but the first two weekends in April were like this. We got in the car for a magical mystery tour, well for me anyway. Mark wouldn’t tell me where we were going and I had no idea until we got to our destination – Pitlochry. We had a picnic, a nice walk over the dam and a visit to the Christmas shop. Perfect day.

Easter last month meant the perfect excuse to eat some chocolate (like I need one!) and I also did a spot of Easter baking. I have still not managed to perfect my creme egg cupcakes, but I think I know how to nail them for next year.

I also attended The Dunfermline Tea Party Society pop up tea party. It was really nice to meet owner Chrissie and hear about how she came up with the idea. Plus of course there was tea and cake!

My wee blog turned four at the end of the month. I can’t believe I have been writing this for that long! I wrote a post on turning four which you can read here.

How was everyone else’s April?

Photographs taken by me and M Richardson

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