My Month in Photos – May

Another month down!

Can you believe we’re into June already?! I mean, there are only twenty-nine Fridays until Christmas 2017 (sorry!)!!

May flew in for me. Mark and I had lots of fun days out, he took some days off work to keep me company as I was still technically unemployed last month.

At the start of the month we went to see Deftones at the SECC in Glasgow. Any gig we go to in Glasgow usually involves some form of yummy dinner beforehand. Our favourite is one of the best Glasgow has to offer (well, in our opinion), the pizza and beer selection that Bier Halle has always calls to us. 2 for 1 pizzas and more beer on the menu than you could get through in one visit! Usually we pick two pizzas we both like and share, our choices this time were black pudding & fried egg and Hawaiian. I was nursing a hangover this day that even beer and pizza couldn’t cure, so standing for about 3 hours at the gig was not ideal for me! But I still had fun.

Mark took the May Day bank holiday off work and we decided to take advantage of the sunshine and go for a walk and a picnic. Not just any picnic, we got M&S food (they have some great picnic choices in their Spirit of Summer selection). Having lived in Scotland all my life I should know that sunshine does not equal warmth…I ate my picnic sporting Mark’s woolly hat!

Having a boyfriend that is a beer geek means much time spent in beer shops and if there is any sort of beer event on we will try to be there. I’m partial to a beer or two myself so happy to go along too. When we saw FestivAle advertised at Summerhall in Edinburgh we swiftly got ourselves some tickets. Local beer shop Cork and Cask had a bottle bar, along with different breweries including Brewdog, St Andrews Brewing Co. and Barney’s (brewed at Summerhall). I’ve only recently started drinking gin and Pickerings Gin (distilled at Summerhall) was there too. I absolutely loved their original gin with ginger ale – yum! Along with good beer and gin the food was pretty tasty, I was not that happy sharing my halloumi fries…

There was some nice weather to hit Scotland in May. Not having to go to work meant that I was getting the opportunity to enjoy it and catch up with some friends. I also got to explore a bit more of the Kingdom I live in when I met friends and their wee boy in Aberdour for lunch and a wander along the beach. I think I still have lots of places to explore in Fife but this was another one ticked off.

We got some very last minute tickets to the Hidden Door Festival at Leith Theatre. There was art to check out, street food, bands, a speakeasy where Loud Poets performed, and the main attraction for us was Idlewild. Leith Theatre closed in 1988 and last month was the first time it opened it’s doors to the public since then. It has in no way been restored to it’s original state, but honestly this added to the charm for me. I have a bit of a thing with abandoned, decaying buildings. It is however a gem of a venue and it’s such a shame it hasn’t been getting used. Plans are in place to bring this great space back to it’s former glory, find out how you can help here.

A rainy bank holiday at the end of the month in St Andrews was a great way to spend a day off together. When we got in the car we didn’t know where we were going and I was given the choice of what direction we drove at junctions and roundabouts. It just so happened we ended up in one of my favourite places (I’m rubbish at directions so it was in no way intentional). Even rain in St Andrews doesn’t ruin your day, there are so many shops to look in (including beer shops) and cafes and bars we were easily entertained for the day.

How was everyone else’s May, did you get the chance to take advantage of some of our great weather?

Photographs taken by me & M Richardson, created using Layout

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