Bottle of Hendrick's gin, apple and elderflower water and a red teacup and saucer

Hendrick’s gin is next up for Ginuary.

A couple of years ago I wasn’t a gin drinker at all.

My first date with Mark was at a gin bar. I picked the venue because it was a really cool bar, rather than my love of the stuff. Roll on Christmas and I got a bottle of Hendrick’s from Mark, bought because of the cool design on the box that made him think of Alice in Wonderland (which went well with the other present he bought me).

My opinion of gin was one I formed as a teenager. It was always the stuff you would avoid sneaking out of the drinks cupboard, mostly because it smelled like perfume and I always imagined it tasting like it smelled. My drink of choice was always vodka. Mostly because when mixed with Fanta Fruit Twist it tasted like Fanta Fruit Twist and not alcohol!

But after being given a bottle and starting to drink it, I’ve changed my opinion. It does still smell a bit like perfume, thankfully it doesn’t taste like it. To confirm though, I’ve never tasted perfume, so maybe it does… This is another bottle I love. It looks good in amongst the others on display in our kitchen. Only down point is that you can’t really see how much you have left in it.

As many gin drinkers will know, each type of gin has a recommended mixer and garnish to go along with it. When it come’s to Hendrick’s gin, you’re meant to garnish with cucumber. Well, I actually really dislike cucumber and Mark doesn’t each much salad, so we never have this in the house. And to buy cucumber for a couple of gins feels like a waste (I know I could probably freeze it, but I know I won’t).

So despite liking Hendrick’s with tonic and cucumber, I’ve spent a bit of time trying out different mixers. I’ve come back to elderflower water a few times. I really like it as a drink on its own and I think it works well with the botanical taste of gin. It compliments the gin well and still tastes good even if I have nothing to garnish it in the house.

Although cucumber probably does taste best with Hendrick’s someone had suggested to me that red apple also works well. I always have apples in the house so I will often use this as a garnish. When I saw this elderflower and apple water in Tesco I immediately thought it would taste good in the gin.

You can buy bottles of Hendrick’s that come with a little teacup. And I think drinking any sort of alcoholic beverage out of one is a grand idea, so obviously I selected one of mine to drink this! If you’re not a teacup sort of person then I’d suggest a short glass filled with ice.

Fill your teacup with ice, 25ml of Hendrick’s and top with the apple and elderflower water. Pop in a couple of slices of apple (Pink Lady is my choice), and enjoy.

Red teacup filled with gin and slices of apple. Bottle of Hendrick's gin and apple and elderflower water

Have you tried Hendrick’s with anything other than tonic water and cucumber? Hit me up with your suggestions.

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The name Kayleigh written in pink cursive font.

Photographs taken by me.