Gin new town mojito cocktail and two bottles of Edinburgh Gin

New Town Mojito.

Ginuary has been fun. I’m not a big drinker so a dry January wouldn’t really have had any huge benefit to me. Plus, I always think as soon as you try to deny yourself something, you just want it more.

So today we have my last Ginuary post. I’ve enjoyed trying out new gin this month and for today’s post, I’ve given a gin cocktail a try. Most of the gin websites will give you suggestions on how to drink their products. Great if you’re new to a certain type of gin, or even just looking for some new ideas.

In all honesty, I’m not really one for cocktails unless I’m out for drinks. They can be a bit too much faff and generally include things I don’t have to hand in the house. But on my quest to try new gin at the start of this month I’d looked a few up. The Edinburgh Gin website has some really delicious sounding cocktails, and when I saw a gin-based mojito I was desperate to try it.

The first time I went to make it I was seriously disappointed. I’d convinced myself that I had a bottle of Elderflower gin liqueur in amongst my many bottles of gin. I did not. Never fear, Mark to the rescue. He surprised me with a bottle a couple of nights later!

Bottles of gin. One Edinburgh Gin and one Edinburgh Gin Elderflower liqueur.

The New Town Mojito is different from your traditional mojito. Not only because it’s made with gin rather than white rum. But it also misses out the mint and soda, and the lime is replaced with lemon. Basically, the only thing similar to a mojito is the name.

Thankfully the only faffy bit of this cocktail was juicing the lemon. I made the rest of it easily. And it was absolutely delicious. Really crisp and fresh tasting and would be an ideal summer cocktail. The elderflower and apple paired perfectly, lemon added a nice twist and a bit of zing to the flavour.

This is definitely one I will make again. Although I would maybe add a bit of soda water to make it go further and add a bit of fizz to the drink.

How do you drink the Elderflower gin? As always I would love your suggestions!

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Photographs by me