Photo of phone showing the Badoo explore page, cup of coffee, a croissant and a book.

Valentine’s Day has been and gone.

A day that made couples feels smug and mushy and many single people feeling bummed out. If you’re still on the lookout for a date after the big day fear not, there is still time!

The world of dating is a scary one. Putting yourself out there can be daunting, what if you have a disastrous first date (we all heard the story about the girl getting stuck in the bathroom window, right?!)? What if you really like someone and they don’t feel the same?

But, as well as terrifying it can be great fun. Think about it. You get to meet new people, possibly try new places. You will have someone to go to the cinema with, or out for dinner. In the 21st century how do we meet potential new partners though? Times have changed, we no longer go to the dancing on a Saturday night and although we can meet people at work, who really wants to have to deal with that if things don’t work out.

It’s hardly surprising then that more and more people are finding love online. And no longer is it something that people are embarrassed to admit. There are dating apps for every type of person. Whether you want something that goes really in depth with what you’re looking for, or something a little bit less full on, and a little more fun. Badoo falls into both categories! While users can add details about whether they want kids, are a smoker etc it initially starts off with photos of potential matches. If you like how someone looks you can find out more. With over 370 million people using the app why wouldn’t you want to try to find love here?

So when it comes to finding love what are the things we look for? I’m just gonna go straight in there and say that looks matter. Some may find this shallow but they don’t call it love at first sight for nothing! First impressions count for a lot. Rightly or wrongly we make up our mind about someone within the first seven seconds. The difference between someone you’re friends with, and someone you’re in a relationship with is finding them hot.

Badoo presents you with photos of potential dates, (you can state whether you’re a girl looking for a guy or girl and vice versa) and you swipe yes or no based on how hot you think they are. Sometimes the decision process is super quick, either you’re digging them or not. But what about those people that make you pause for a moment, maybe they have a killer smile or the nicest eyes you’ve ever seen? Those are the people who draw you in and make you want to know more.

Queue the all-important bio! This is your opportunity to really catch someone’s attention and leave them desperate to meet you. As important as looks are, when you’re looking for a relationship there needs to be some common interests. A bio with very little information is not going to get as much interest as if you add a bit about yourself. With Badoo, you get 500 characters to give a little insight into what floats your boat in life and to share any interesting facts about yourself. You need to be confident, but not cocky. Think about how you would sell yourself on a CV, and translate that into dating. Grab their attention with your bio, and make them really want to meet you for that face to face interview, I mean date (a first date is a bit like an interview though!).

A few other things to consider:

  • Fun photos – no duck selfies, use photos of you having fun. It makes you seem a lot more approachable.
  • Share any funny quirks you have – everyone has at least one.
  • Show your personality and sense of humour in your writing – not everyone is a writer but don’t be too formal, you’re not writing an essay.
  • Don’t be afraid to use an emoji – emojis have made it into our daily life, and these can be a fun way of showing what your interests are.

Here’s mine just to give an example:

Photo of Badoo dating app profile

The name Kayleigh written in pink cursive font.

Top photo courtesy of Badoo, bottom photo screenshot of my Badoo profile.

*post sponsored by Badoo