May 5, 2018

Portraiture Workshop with Kilometre Zero*

Photo of girl in amongst trees with black, green and blue hair

I take a lot of photos.

So when I got asked if I wanted to go to a photography workshop with Kilometre Zero Events recently, I jumped at the chance!

I’ve been interested in photography since high school when I did a class in sixth year. We got let loose around the town (probably one of the attractions for me) during school time. After taking photos on 35mm SLR cameras we then spent time in the darkroom developing them. I loved it. But despite enjoying taking photos I didn’t invest in a good camera until last year. And only took it off auto setting a good few months after.

The workshop I was attending was portraiture photography run by Kilometre Zero Events. It took place on a lovely sunny (and warm) day in Edinburgh city centre. I arrived to meet the photographer taking the workshop and the rest of the people attending, at the canal at Fountain Park. I was really quickly put at ease when I realised that not everyone was a pro! As someone who is not confident with the manual settings on my camera, I was a bit concerned that I wouldn’t have enough knowledge.

Photo of girl with black, green and blue hair and nose ring looking through bars on a gate

Our tutor for the day, Julien, split us into two groups – one of the beginners and one for those a bit more knowledgeable. There was a model for the day, who went with the more experienced group to start with and within my group we took it in turns to play the model. I found this a bit awkward at first despite quite often being in front of the camera. It was an experience having someone other Mark taking my photo!

After we all got a turn of modelling and directing, we switched about and we got a chance to work with the model. I haven’t yet got to the point of investing in lenses, so I turned up with the 18-55mm lens my camera came with but I was given different lenses to try during the workshop. It was really interesting to see what the difference between the lenses was, and how it affected the final result.

Throughout the whole workshop, Julien kept checking on everyone and giving pointers and tips on the settings on your camera. In total, we were taking photos for two hours. This felt like just the right amount of time while also flying in! It was so much fun. And because there was a group of us I was thinking nothing of sitting on the ground. Something I would normally feel self-conscious about!

I had a great afternoon and I was pretty pleased with some of the photos I took. And even more pleased with the fact I feel a little bit more confident with using my camera on manual mode! I met some really nice and interesting people. Plus I got some great new accounts to follow on Instagram – which I always love!

Kilometre Zero also run fashion photography workshops along with workshops for yoga and meditation. You can find all the experiences they offer here.

Photography of girl with black, green nd blue hair looking from behind green leaves

A bit about Kilometre Zero Events:
Kilometre Zero create unique creative events where you’re not just learning the theory of something, but getting hands-on experience. They offer a range of workshops and classes that you can enjoy without any long-term commitment or membership needed. As well as group classes and workshops, they offer one-to-one tuition and can even be hired for parties with a difference.


The name Kayleigh written in pink cursive font.

Photographs taken by me

*Sponsored post with Kilometre Zero Events

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