Photo of street art painting of a girl looking in a mirror and crying with the caption Big Girls Don't Cry

Glasgow street art is amazing!

And what better way to see it than a colour walk with a group of colour loving people?!

A couple of weeks ago I took a trip through to Glasgow with Taryn to take part in the first Scottish Colour Walk. The walk was organised by In Colourful Company and hosted by Nikki McWilliams, Rachel Basinger and Kim Lawler. We managed to find our way to Partick train station, and the eager beavers that we are meant we turned up almost an hour early! We were pretty keen to get our hands on the goody bags though…

Sometimes turning up for things like this can be a bit daunting, especially if you don’t really know anyone else going. Nobody wants to be the person going up to a complete stranger and asking if they are there for the same reason as you, only to find out they’re not! Well, there was little chance of this being the case on Saturday. You couldn’t miss the colourful bunch of people congregating outside the train station. And the colourful balloons also gave it away! Both of us spotted people we already knew and got chatting to some of the others in the group.

It was so lovely to see so many people dressed in colourful clothes. A nice way to cheer up a dreich Glasgow day. It made me wish I had the guts to go out in head to toe colour too! Rather than my usual playing it safe with maybe one bright colour.


Once we were sure everyone was there we headed off to the first point of call on the map – SWG3. I absolutely loved the street art here, so much colour and so many different styles. Taking my instax camera was a great idea because I snapped some of the paintings here using it. I couldn’t resist getting an outfit photo next to this amazing wall. But my favourite bit of art by far was the Big Girls Don’t Cry painting (top image).

Photo of a woman with red hair wearing a pink raincoat and jeans standing against a wall with colourful street art

Street art painting of an owl on a brick wall

Hidden Lane

After SWG3 we headed to Finnieston to the very colourful and (pretty hidden, hence the name) Hidden Lane. Hidden Lane is home to artists, musicians, designers and The Hidden Lane Tearoom. Which has possibly the best afternoon tea I’ve had in Glasgow! One of my favourite jewellery designers studios, Bonnie Bling, is also here. I loved getting a look inside and added a couple of pieces to my wishlist.

We matched the colourful buildings perfectly. And we found an orange wall that matched perfectly with the Irn Bru piñata.

Photo of a piñata can of irn bru sitting on a bike against an orange wall

Image of a street art painting showing a girl blowing a dandelion and the seeds turning into wind turbines

Smug street art

From here we headed to see Smug street art on Mitchell Street. I really loved the cleverness of the painting above with the dandelion seeds turning into wind turbines. Just along from this, you can also see ‘Honey, I Shrunk The Kids’.

These amazing street murals really put meaning into the “People Make Glasgow’ saying. We only saw a snippet of the beautiful street art the city has to offer. If you want to see some of it for yourself then you can see details of the City Centre Mural Trail here, and there’s even an app you can download. Make sure you have some comfy shoes on though, cause you’ll be doing a lot of walking! Taryn later told me we walked over 20k steps, no wonder we were tired after it!


Have you done the City Centre Mural Trail, what was your favourite piece of art?

I took a lot of photos (too many to put in this post!), you can view them here.



The name Kayleigh written in pink cursive font.


Photos by me (except the photo of me which was taken by Taryn)