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Being super pale makes getting a foundation difficult.

No companies seem to have yet made a ‘milk bottle’ or ‘Casper the friendly ghost’ colour.

And a lot of the time even the colours that claim to be porcelain still have an orange tinge to them. The struggle is real! Especially because being so pale also means your blemishes and any redness seems to stand out more. Add to this having oily/combination skin, and shopping for an affordable foundation becomes quite tricky. First world problems, I know!

I’m constantly on the lookout for something that gives me the coverage I want, while not going shiny and sliding off my face. I also want one that doesn’t break the bank. There’s nothing worse than getting to the point when you need to repurchase a daily essential only to release that your monthly budget really can’t stretch to £30 for something you put on your face. I also like to keep the more expensive, luxury brands for good occasions rather than just to wear to go to work.

I noticed the new C.Y.O brand in Boots a few months ago and was intrigued.

Not really in much need of anything at that point I only picked up some eyeliner. But I’ve got to the point of needing a new foundation, and I’ve not been able to find the Barry M one I was using in any Boots or Superdrug stores recently. The price point for the foundation is great, £7.50 is definitely affordable. Most importantly for me, the colour was also a great match. Very pale and with a milky, neutral undertone, no orange comes through in this one.

Having oily/combination skin really makes it pretty difficult to find the right product. I find a lot of the foundations that say they are specifically for oily skin end up looking too matte and powdery on my skin. I also have some dry areas around my nose and the side of my chin. A matte formula often just sticks to these bits leaving it looking cakey. Lifeproof Long Lasting Foundation gives a really lovely, even coverage. It blends nicely and stays put all day. The finish is neither matte or dewy and my skin feels nice and moisturised. This product lasts all day and looks just as good at the end of the day as it does when I’ve put it on. Lifeproof foundation is available from Boots stores and comes in 15 different shades, I use shade 101 which has neutral undertones.

A good foundation is only made better with an equally good primer.

I always like to think that if you buy a primer that’s the same brand as the foundation they’re bound to go well together.

The Matte Attack Matte & Blur Primer has a really nice consistency and is a great base for the foundation. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and nicely prepped. The foundation goes on well and the primer really helps it to stay put all day while stopping your skin looking shiny.

I think this foundation is a really good one for you if you’re super pale! I’ll definitely be repurchasing once it’s finished.

Have you tried any of the C.Y.O make up?


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Photo taken by me