After many un-creative years I have recently caught the crafting bug again! Sometimes there is nothing more relaxing than sitting for a few hours and getting totally engrossed in something with an actual end result.

I recently bought some cheap black ballet pumps from Primark that I decided were seriously in need of a wee spruce up!

What you will need:

-shoes (I picked mine up in Primark for £4)
-paper & pencil
-fabric glue

First thing to do is make your template with the paper, I opted for a heart shape. The best way to get a perfectly symmetrical heart is to fold your paper in half and draw half a heart shape and then cut it out.

Once I cut out the paper template I pinned it onto the felt to make my heart shape. Then comes the messy part!  I covered each heart in fabric glue and sprinkled plenty of glitter over the top.

Leave for a while to allow this dry before shaking any excess glitter off.The next step was just experimenting and hoping it would work but the results were actually pretty good.  Anyone who has ever done a craft project with glitter, or owned anything with glitter will know it literally gets everywhere!  Even after shaking off the excess there was still glitter coming off so I gave each heart a healthy spray of hairspray.  Amazingly this worked!  It helped set the glitter.

I attached each heart to its shoe also using fabric glue and ta-da!  Boring black pumps are now super glittery and eye-catching!