Gin new town mojito cocktail and two bottles of Edinburgh Gin

New Town Mojito.

Ginuary has been fun. I’m not a big drinker so a dry January wouldn’t really have had any huge benefit to me. Plus, I always think as soon as you try to deny yourself something, you just want it more.

So today we have my last Ginuary post. I’ve enjoyed trying out new gin this month and for today’s post, I’ve given a gin cocktail a try. Most of the gin websites will give you suggestions on how to drink their products. Great if you’re new to a certain type of gin, or even just looking for some new ideas.

In all honesty, I’m not really one for cocktails unless I’m out for drinks. They can be a bit too much faff and generally include things I don’t have to hand in the house. But on my quest to try new gin at the start of this month I’d looked a few up. The Edinburgh Gin website has some really delicious sounding cocktails, and when I saw a gin-based mojito I was desperate to try it.

The first time I went to make it I was seriously disappointed. I’d convinced myself that I had a bottle of Elderflower gin liqueur in amongst my many bottles of gin. I did not. Never fear, Mark to the rescue. He surprised me with a bottle a couple of nights later!

Bottles of gin. One Edinburgh Gin and one Edinburgh Gin Elderflower liqueur.

The New Town Mojito is different from your traditional mojito. Not only because it’s made with gin rather than white rum. But it also misses out the mint and soda, and the lime is replaced with lemon. Basically, the only thing similar to a mojito is the name.

Thankfully the only faffy bit of this cocktail was juicing the lemon. I made the rest of it easily. And it was absolutely delicious. Really crisp and fresh tasting and would be an ideal summer cocktail. The elderflower and apple paired perfectly, lemon added a nice twist and a bit of zing to the flavour.

This is definitely one I will make again. Although I would maybe add a bit of soda water to make it go further and add a bit of fizz to the drink.

How do you drink the Elderflower gin? As always I would love your suggestions!

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Photographs by me


Bottle of Hendrick's gin, apple and elderflower water and a red teacup and saucer

Hendrick’s gin is next up for Ginuary.

A couple of years ago I wasn’t a gin drinker at all.

My first date with Mark was at a gin bar. I picked the venue because it was a really cool bar, rather than my love of the stuff. Roll on Christmas and I got a bottle of Hendrick’s from Mark, bought because of the cool design on the box that made him think of Alice in Wonderland (which went well with the other present he bought me).

My opinion of gin was one I formed as a teenager. It was always the stuff you would avoid sneaking out of the drinks cupboard, mostly because it smelled like perfume and I always imagined it tasting like it smelled. My drink of choice was always vodka. Mostly because when mixed with Fanta Fruit Twist it tasted like Fanta Fruit Twist and not alcohol!

But after being given a bottle and starting to drink it, I’ve changed my opinion. It does still smell a bit like perfume, thankfully it doesn’t taste like it. To confirm though, I’ve never tasted perfume, so maybe it does… This is another bottle I love. It looks good in amongst the others on display in our kitchen. Only down point is that you can’t really see how much you have left in it.

As many gin drinkers will know, each type of gin has a recommended mixer and garnish to go along with it. When it come’s to Hendrick’s gin, you’re meant to garnish with cucumber. Well, I actually really dislike cucumber and Mark doesn’t each much salad, so we never have this in the house. And to buy cucumber for a couple of gins feels like a waste (I know I could probably freeze it, but I know I won’t).

So despite liking Hendrick’s with tonic and cucumber, I’ve spent a bit of time trying out different mixers. I’ve come back to elderflower water a few times. I really like it as a drink on its own and I think it works well with the botanical taste of gin. It compliments the gin well and still tastes good even if I have nothing to garnish it in the house.

Although cucumber probably does taste best with Hendrick’s someone had suggested to me that red apple also works well. I always have apples in the house so I will often use this as a garnish. When I saw this elderflower and apple water in Tesco I immediately thought it would taste good in the gin.

You can buy bottles of Hendrick’s that come with a little teacup. And I think drinking any sort of alcoholic beverage out of one is a grand idea, so obviously I selected one of mine to drink this! If you’re not a teacup sort of person then I’d suggest a short glass filled with ice.

Fill your teacup with ice, 25ml of Hendrick’s and top with the apple and elderflower water. Pop in a couple of slices of apple (Pink Lady is my choice), and enjoy.

Red teacup filled with gin and slices of apple. Bottle of Hendrick's gin and apple and elderflower water

Have you tried Hendrick’s with anything other than tonic water and cucumber? Hit me up with your suggestions.

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The name Kayleigh written in pink cursive font.

Photographs taken by me.


Photo of large glass filled with gin, ice and raspberries and two bottles of gin beside it

Ginuary gin number 2.

Raspberry gin & tonic. So tasty!

I’m enjoying getting to experiment a bit with different gin for Ginuary. And I’m also loving that I’m not one of the people who is struggling with dry January the second weekend into the month. I can understand people’s reasoning behind it. But one of the perks of not having a job last month was that I didn’t feel like I’d overdone it during December.

I’ve had the Edinburgh Gin Raspberry Liqueur for a while and really only added it to prosecco up until now. The wee bottle of Edinburgh Gin was also a Christmas present from Mark’s brother for Christmas. I got a lot of gin from Mark’s family, they insisted they don’t think I’m an alcoholic…. I’m not sure why, but I hadn’t really thought of using the gin liqueurs with gin as part of a cocktail. Strange I know. This Raspberry G&T tasted delicious.

To make you’ll need:

  • 25ml gin (I used Edinburgh Gin)
  • 25ml Edinburgh Gin Raspberry Liqueur 
  • can of tonic water
  • raspberries (I used frozen raspberries)
  • ice

Add all the ingredients to a glass, (I used a Copa glass which was also a Christmas gift to go with the many gins I got!), pop a straw in and enjoy! I never really thought much about the kind of glass used and how much difference it would make to the drink. But apparently, it does. My drink did stay chilled for longer.

I really liked the addition of the raspberry liqueur in this gin and tonic and as the frozen raspberries started to melt it only added to the taste. And colour which ended up a really nice vibrant red.

Do you have any suggestions or cocktail recipes for the raspberry liqueur?


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The name Kayleigh written in pink cursive font.

Photograph taken by me


Bottle of gin from Edinburgh Gin Christmas gin with art deco style label and can of tonic water sitting on a kitchen worktop


What a bloody fantastic idea! I’m a fan of whoever came up with this. While others are opting for dry January I will be partaking in Ginuary.  I won’t be going for a gin a day but I will be trying one (at the least) a week and I might even give some cocktails a go.

First up is Edinburgh Gin’s Christmas Frankincense and Myrrh gin. I spotted this in one of our local and often frequented off-licence shops, Luvians in St Andrews, a few days before Christmas. Although we mostly go here for the beer they have an impressive selection of gin too. I couldn’t justify buying it for myself so close to Christmas but when I got a bottle from Mark’s brother on Christmas day I was very happy.

On the Edinburgh Gin website, it’s described as having “spiced, aromatic notes of frankincense and myrrh”. Any idea what frankincense and myrrh actually are? Yup, me neither. Frankincense is an aromatic resin taken from the frankincense tree. Oil is extracted from the resin and is often used in aromatherapy. Myrrh is also a resin, extracted from small thorny trees. Doesn’t sound overly appealing, but I can confirm they do taste nice. Plus, both frankincense and myrrh promote health benefits, which basically means drinking this gin is good for you!

Bottle of Edinburgh Gin Christmas gin. Close up of label with art deco design and gold, red, green, blue and cream colours

Before I go into the taste of the gin, I would like to take a minute to just appreciate the design on the bottle. We actually proudly display our bottles of gin (for me, whisky for Mark) in our kitchen so I’m a total sucker for an aesthetically pleasing design. Although many Edinburgh Gins are present in the display this is the first one in the newer bottle. I love the art deco styling of the glass and also on the label itself. The geometric shapes look great and the colours of this work well together and are subtly festive.

I had a taste of the gin straight first of all. There was a hint of orange and a nice subtle spiciness to it (as described on the website). Mixed with Fevertree tonic and lashings of ice, and served in a short glass it made the perfect G&T. We haven’t quite got back on track with our shopping so there was no fruit in the house for me to use to garnish. The Edinburgh Gin website suggests an orange garnish, which would taste lovely. For a really festive taste, I might even put some cloves in the orange. This would nicely compliment the subtle spices. But I’ll be waiting until next year for that.


Have you tried the Christmas Gin? I would love to hear your thoughts on it and what mixer and garnish you used.


The name Kayleigh written in pink cursive font.

Photographs by me



Burgers are one my favourite foods to eat when I’m out for dinner.

I think it’s because it’s one of the things that’s possibly a bit more expensive to make yourself at home (you need a good bit of steak mince, if you want a slice of bacon on top then you’re generally going to have to buy a whole pack of the stuff, a block of some nice cheese…). When you eat burgers in a restaurant though sometimes there are so many options it makes it hard to decide what you want!

This was absolutely the case at Burgers & Beers. If you don’t know about this restaurant in Edinburgh, it’s on the Royal Mile, and does pretty much what it says on the tin, well… above the door at least! The majority of the menu is made up of burgers and beer but if burgers are not your thang (what is wrong with you?!) there are other options on the menu.

It seriously took me a while to decide which burger I wanted, plus Mark and I had to discuss to make sure we weren’t getting the same one (we like to have a taste of each other’s food). In the end I settled on the Frying Scotsman, haggis, onion rings and Scottish cheddar cheese, don’t mind if I do! Mark went for the Mac Attack, and yes that does mean mac n cheese on top of a burger! When you order a burger all you’re getting is the burger so you need to order fries on the side. There’s a lot of eating in the burgers so one portion of fries is definitely enough for two people.

So onto the food. I had to take the onion rings out the burger before I started eating it, I don’t have the ability to unhinge my jaw, but even at that I still had to use a knife and fork for some of the eating process! The burger was tasty, had just the right amount of cheese and the haggis fritter was a great add on. The haggis comes in batter but it’s not too heavy so you’re not completely stuffed half through your food. They’ve even nailed it with the bun. There is nothing worse than eating a burger while the bread is turning to mush during the process, not an issue with the glazed bun.

Mark’s burger was also ridiculously tasty. The mac n cheese comes in fritter form too and also has bacon on it, I’m pretty sure this one was calorie free…ha! There was also a bit of greenery on this burger and beer mustard. Yum! The side order of sweet potato fries went down a treat, but even with us sharing a side I still couldn’t finish all my food!

I haven’t even covered the beer menu. You won’t be short of choice, you can find a great selection of Scottish beers along with some imported beers. For those of you who don’t like beer though, check out the cocktail menu!

Burgers & Beers is now one of my firm favourites in Edinburgh, it’s safe to say we’ll be back.

Photograph taken by me