Photo with three bottles of gin, two bottles of tonic on a white table with marble backdrop

Gin subscription delivered straight to your door?!

There doesn’t sound like much better than this.

Recently, Flavourly got in touch with me about their monthly subscription boxes. When I heard that they offered a gin subscription I was definitely keen. The rise of subscription boxes over the last few years has been big. And, why not? Hardly surprising that people want to receive something nice through the post – rather than a bill. It’s a great way to discover new brands that you might not have otherwise heard of. And when it comes to gin it can be pretty expensive trying all the ones you fancy.

So, how does it work and what do you get? Flavourly pride themselves in working with smaller brands, who focus on quality and experimentation during the distilling. Each month you will be sent a box with three 200ml bottles of gin, a mixer, a snack and a copy of Flavourly magazine. And all for £35 a month! The box that I got introduced me to some new gin, which I always love! I got a bottle of Badachro Scottish gin, Blackwater no.5 Irish gin and Sovereign no.1 elderflower and gooseberry gin liqueur. Along with this, there were two bottles of Lamb & Watt tonic water and a packet of Soffles pitta chips.

I really like elderflower as a flavour with gin and quite often use elderflower water as a mixer, so I was looking forward to trying this out. I mixed the elderflower and gooseberry gin liqueur with the Badachro gin and used the tonic as a mixer. The result? A sweet, refreshing cocktail that was very easy to drink.

I’ve tried many different subscription boxes over the years, and to be honest, once I got over the initial excitement of them they’ve quickly lost their appeal. I’m not sure if it was because I felt like they maybe weren’t the best value or that the items in the box maybe weren’t right for me. But with this, I don’t think I would ever tire of new gin. And for the money, it really is great value. You would never be able to buy small-batch gin for this price and you get to try brands that could potentially have never been on your radar.

Not a gin lover, but know someone who would love you forever if you bought this as a present? Then you’re in luck! Because not only can you subscribe yourself, you can also give as a gift. Pick from a single one-off box, or in multiples of three (three, six, twelve months).

If you want to give Flavourly a try then use code FROCKS10 for 10% off. And if you do try them out I’d love to know what gins you get!

Oh also, today (9 June) is World Gin Day so that definitely gives you the perfect excuse to drink some gin!



The name Kayleigh written in pink cursive font.

Photo by me

*I was gifted a subscription box by Flavourly – as always all thoughts are my own.


Burgers are one my favourite foods to eat when I’m out for dinner.

I think it’s because it’s one of the things that’s possibly a bit more expensive to make yourself at home (you need a good bit of steak mince, if you want a slice of bacon on top then you’re generally going to have to buy a whole pack of the stuff, a block of some nice cheese…). When you eat burgers in a restaurant though sometimes there are so many options it makes it hard to decide what you want!

This was absolutely the case at Burgers & Beers. If you don’t know about this restaurant in Edinburgh, it’s on the Royal Mile, and does pretty much what it says on the tin, well… above the door at least! The majority of the menu is made up of burgers and beer but if burgers are not your thang (what is wrong with you?!) there are other options on the menu.

It seriously took me a while to decide which burger I wanted, plus Mark and I had to discuss to make sure we weren’t getting the same one (we like to have a taste of each other’s food). In the end I settled on the Frying Scotsman, haggis, onion rings and Scottish cheddar cheese, don’t mind if I do! Mark went for the Mac Attack, and yes that does mean mac n cheese on top of a burger! When you order a burger all you’re getting is the burger so you need to order fries on the side. There’s a lot of eating in the burgers so one portion of fries is definitely enough for two people.

So onto the food. I had to take the onion rings out the burger before I started eating it, I don’t have the ability to unhinge my jaw, but even at that I still had to use a knife and fork for some of the eating process! The burger was tasty, had just the right amount of cheese and the haggis fritter was a great add on. The haggis comes in batter but it’s not too heavy so you’re not completely stuffed half through your food. They’ve even nailed it with the bun. There is nothing worse than eating a burger while the bread is turning to mush during the process, not an issue with the glazed bun.

Mark’s burger was also ridiculously tasty. The mac n cheese comes in fritter form too and also has bacon on it, I’m pretty sure this one was calorie free…ha! There was also a bit of greenery on this burger and beer mustard. Yum! The side order of sweet potato fries went down a treat, but even with us sharing a side I still couldn’t finish all my food!

I haven’t even covered the beer menu. You won’t be short of choice, you can find a great selection of Scottish beers along with some imported beers. For those of you who don’t like beer though, check out the cocktail menu!

Burgers & Beers is now one of my firm favourites in Edinburgh, it’s safe to say we’ll be back.

Photograph taken by me

January, the month when gyms are at their busiest and everyone is full of good intentions with thoughts of a killer bikini body in their mind.

The shops are full of workout equipment, and by this stage in January most people have given up. Now, I know that sounds very negative, but statistically people ditch their new years resolutions after 3 weeks. So if that resolution was to get fit and stick to the gym it is probably out the window already.

When it comes to fitness I think most people give up due to lack of knowledge and not seeing results quickly enough. I fall into this category, I want results, like yesterday and if I work hard on my abs I can’t understand why I don’t have a six pack already! Many people fall into the trap of going to the gym and following the same routine and not seeing any changes. And when it comes to gym instructors I generally don’t have much time for them, I don’t think they listen to what you want and for women anyway seem to follow the same cardio based routine.

Last year I decided to bite the bullet and use personal trainer. Despite dropping over two stone through Slimming World I still didn’t feel like I was where I wanted to be so thought that maybe this could help. I decided to go with Matt Wilson, a PT that worked in the same building as me and trained out of the gym next to our work.

I was nervous. Nervous about having my weight and measurements taken. I was also nervous that I wouldn’t be able to do all the exercises or be really unfit and embarrass myself.

My first session with Matt was really a consultation. He asked me to keep a food diary for three days before which he looked over and we talked about my goals, then came the weigh in and measurements. I didn’t feel as embarrassed as I thought I would, mainly because I was there for a reason and Matt’s friendly personality puts you at ease. I was given my programme which consisted of two workouts, meaning I would workout two times a week by myself and have one PT session.

The first programme I was got was strength training and I admit I was a bit nervous that I would ‘bulk up’ but (thankfully) I didn’t and there was also a nice benefit to my running that I hadn’t anticipated. Last year I signed up for two 10k runs and a 5k run, despite not being able to train as much as I would have liked due to injury I still managed to run them in roughly the same time as I would have after following a twelve week training plan. I also shaved about five minutes off my 5k time last year.

I had three blocks of sessions with Matt last year. Each time I lost inches and I reduced my body fat percentage. The third lot of sessions I lost 3kg in weight (about 8lbs) after saying I wanted to focus on weight loss.

Getting a PT was a great idea. It has changed the way I now plan my workouts and it gave me the kick up the butt I felt I needed. If you’re based in or around Edinburgh and are looking for a personal trainer then you should definitely check out Relentless Fitness. Matt provides a friendly, relaxed environment and he has a genuine desire to see his clients succeed. He will work you hard, but the results are worth it. You’ll thank yourself.

For the month of January Matt has an offer for 20% off and there are still a few days to take advantage of this.

You can also check out Matt’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Image taken from Relentless Fitness Facebook page

Last Friday night we headed along to Revolution Bar in Edinburgh to check out their new menu. Nothing beats a nice meal out to end a week of work. The bar was busy, which is always a good sign, and there was a good ‘hello weekend’ atmosphere in the place. Even with the super loud stag party who were out for a very different night than us!

Our drinks order was taken right away and we were given time to look over the pretty extensive menu. It took a while to decide what we wanted to eat, there was just so much choice!  After much deliberation we both went for burgers, I had the Smokin’ Bacon and Mark went for The Mother Clucker.

While we were waiting for our food to be served we got samples of sweet potato fries to try and the waitresses were handing out tasters of cocktails in shot glasses. The cocktail menu looked great, I was pretty gutted that I was driving as there were so many cocktails I wanted to sample!

So, onto the food. Oh. My. God!  It was tasty, and the portion sizes were big.  My burger was loaded with toppings including smokinnaise (? whatever that is), chorizo ketchup and wotsits…yup that’s right, wotsits! Mark’s burger was actually 2 burgers, a beef burger and a battered chicken fillet served on a brioche bun with the addition of sweet potato fries, also on the bun! It was definitely a knife and fork job.

Even though I was completely stuffed we decided to share a dessert, because you know, everyone has a second stomach for dessert right? Plus the Nutella Fluffwich sounded far too good to resist! We made the right decision, nutella, marshmallow fluff, powdered sugar and a blueberry compote – yummy!  Worth feeling fit to burst for.

The staff were really friendly and attentive. We will definitely be back, the food was delicious and there are so many cocktails I really want to try out!

Thank you to Revolution Bar, Edinburgh for having us – our dinner was complimentary to review the new menu. All opinions are my own.

Photographs taken by me

Yesterday I met some of my favourite bloggers for afternoon tea at Snuggle Muffin in Glasgow.  I have been keen to try it out since the #ditchthediet night in January which I couldn’t make.  I was not disappointed – sandwiches, chocolate brownies, cupcakes and of course scones with cream and jam, plus unlimited refills on tea.  I was in heaven!
Along with the delicious food, the afternoon was filled with great chat and of course photographing the food we were eating.
Photo borrowed from Naomi – clockwise from top right: Jennifer, Lyn, me, Linsay, Naomi, Ashleigh, Melissa, Eilidh
It was a beautiful day in Glasgow, the sun was out and it was actually warm!  After we finished our afternoon tea Jennifer showed us a great spot that would be good for photographs.  I love when you find hidden gems in a busy city.
My outfit for the day was a Primark dress that I bought a couple of months ago.  It seems when it comes to dresses with collars I am unable to resist them.  I was instantly drawn to this frock because of the great bright, summery print, and of course the collar!  Haha.  It is also the perfect cake eating dress as it is a shift style so can hide a food baby.
I teamed my dress with a pair of pale blue ankle socks and my silver brogues, I even braved it and had bare legs for the first time this year.  My silver brogues are about 6 years old and I think this was maybe the third time I have worn them.  I loved them when I got them but didn’t have the guts to wear such look at me shoes.
Dress – Primark
Socks – Topshop
Brogues – Office (old, similar ones here)
I hope everyone had a good weekend and is ready to get back to it tomorrow, aren’t Monday’s the best!?