I love being a redhead! I’ve been dying my hair for almost half my life…so a pretty long time! And red hair is definitely the colour for me. I actually have a really horrible natural… View Post

I’m 30 and I’ve never properly decorated a home. I spent most of my 20s renting and moving often. Despite living in unfurnished places, lack of funds meant that furniture was purchased based on affordability… View Post

A year ago today I was made redundant. I found out in October 2016 that I would be losing my job. With my redundancy officially taking effect at the end of February 2017. The idea… View Post

Life has been a bit busy recently. I’ve gone from having more time than I knew what to do with to being super busy! We took these photos last month. I’ve struggled to find the… View Post

Sometimes in life, the simple pleasures are the best ones. When I was younger, I never imagined in a million years that home stuff would excite me. But ever since I moved out and into… View Post