So no-one really likes January.

Christmas seems like a distant memory, pretty much everyone is suffering from chocolate withdrawl symptoms and most people’s bank balances are still recovering from the extra spending over the festive period. Basically January sucks!

Everyone needs a bit of a pick up during the month and as today is classed as Blue Monday what better day to share my tips for beating those blue feelings.

Have a movie day/night. Pick some of your favourite films and get together with your favourite person/people and get settled on the sofa. Add some popcorn (my choice would always be sweet and salty), chocolate or if you’re being healthy some fruit and yogurt. Don’t forget the blanket and you’re all set up for the perfect chilled out night.

Visit a Lush shop. All Lush shops smell amazing and the staff are always super friendly and helpful! I get complimented on my hair colour pretty much every time I visit a Lush shop which always leaves me feeling good and putting a smile on my face. As well as the fact you could leave with some delicious smelly shower gel or bubble bar the staff are always happy to give you samples of things you want to try.

Pamper yourself. This brings me nicely to my next point. Spend some time relaxing, however that works for you. Whether it is running a bath, putting on a face mask or painting your nails, something that makes you feel good. Everyone runs about and is so busy during the festive period that some downtime is a must during January. For me, the ultimate way to relax is a nice bath, with a Lush bubble bar and a good book.

Eat cake. I realise this may been seen as a bit of an odd suggestion for January when most people are watching what they’re eating and trying to be healthy but you still need to have a bit of a treat as totally depriving yourself will make you binge. For me, cake is the ultimate treat. I would pick cake over chocolate any day, just as long as it had butter cream icing and lemon sponge…yum!

Cute animals. I once read somewhere that looking at cute animals can improve your productivity at work (don’t quote me on that if you get caught Googling them at work!). It definitely makes me feel better and Instagram is full of accounts for cute pets. Search any animal related hashtag on Instagram and you’re bound to find something totally adorable.

Photo by me and image produced using Canva

I’m so glad it’s the start of another year.

2016 was not a good year in general for the world but upon reflection in comparison to 2015 for me it was pretty good.

In terms of the goals I set for myself at the start of 2016 I think I’ve achieved all of them – I did blog slightly more than in 2015 and I saw more places, and more in Scotland. Mark took me to Skye in February for Valentines and we had a really fun trip, plus I got to see the fairy pools, they were pretty cool! We spent five days in Amsterdam in May. I’ve wanted to visit for a long time and it’s like nowhere I have been before. I’m not really sure what I was expecting, but the fact that you just walked into the Red Light district was unexpected! We walked a lot, we drank a lot of beer and ate a lot of pancakes and caramel waffles. I also moved in with Mark last year which was pretty cool, we spent a lot of time together anyway so this way just all my stuff is here with me.

My most important goal was to have more fun during 2016, and I definitely had fun during the last year. Mark and I went to lots of good gigs and had fun days out in Scotland. We spent a weekend in June glamping and climbed two Munros in one day, the first two Mark had climbed and four and five for me.

So, 2017 is going to a bit of a strange one for me. After eight and a half years of working for the same company I’m going to be getting made redundant at the end of February. While the thought of starting somewhere new is terrifying, I’m looking forward to it and seeing it as a really good opportunity to do something I’d like to do, hopefully something creative!

I’ve said before that I’m not one for resolutions but I like to set myself some goals for the year ahead, so here are my 2017 goals.

Eat more healthy. I consider myself to be fairly healthy to start with but I want to stop picking at food that is unhealthy and having wee slips that mean I over indulge. It seems that the key to achieving this is prep, prep, prep. Which probably means dedicating one of my weekend days to making food. I like cooking so I’m pretty sure this is doable.

Blog more often. I say this every year, but this year will be more about taking time to write and plan posts.

Stress less. I’m a worrier, and a pretty highly strung person. I can worry about the day that will never come. I also don’t really take a lot of time to relax. I feel a bit guilty about sitting doing nothing, however this year I’ll be doing more of this. I want to read more, take more baths and just spend some time relaxing. I’m also planning on having at least one night a week with no devices, I know I’ll not be the only person who’s capable of spending hours sitting on social media!

Get myself an awesome new job! Apart from the fact I’ll need to get a new job, I actually want one. I don’t really have plans to take any time off or be a lady of leisure for any length of time, I really think I would be bored if I didn’t work! My current job as a PA is good but I’m not looking to be a PA for someone else. For years I’ve been interested in web content/design and social media so I’m holding out for a job in that area. If anyone is recruiting…

There you have it, my totally achievable goals for this year. Have you set any resolutions or goals for this year? I’d love to hear them!

Photo by me