A few weeks ago we had a nice wee morning stroll round Circus Lane in Edinburgh. Apparently this is one of the most Instagrammed streets in Edinburgh, it’s so pretty I can understand why!

I wore my latest Dylon DIY creation, a cardigan dyed using Burlesque Red wash & dye. The colour, is perfect for this time of year. Wintery and festive, I love it. I teamed it with my black denim skirt and Dr Martens Chelsea boots. Docs have been on my wish list for many a year, but I’ve avoided getting a pair for the fear of the pain caused when you’re breaking them in. I got these for my birthday and was fully prepared for some pain, I had my feet taped up the first few times that I wore them but there’s been no pain at all and no breaking in period. They’re super comfy!

Coat – Marks and Spencer (similar here) // Boots – Dr Martens // Skirt – Topshop // Cami top – Primark (similar here) // Hat – Primark (one similar here) // Bag – Dune (from TK Maxx)

Photographs taken by M Richardson

Last week I wrote about my first experience if using Dylon Wash & Dye to turn my Alexa dress from white to black. I must admit, I’ve caught a little bit of a DIY bug and I’m completely sold on the idea of giving clothing a new lease of life just by chucking them in the machine with a wee sachet of dye. Such an easy (and cheap) way to get a new item of clothing!

This week I tried out the Jeans Blue dye to make some of my denim a bit darker. The jeans I’ve had for years and love. But I’m always on the hunt for a pair of darker jeans that you can wear casually but also easily dress up with a nice top and some heeled boots for a night out. I don’t lack lighter coloured casual jeans so I decided this trusty pair would be perfect to dye.

As with the dress the process really couldn’t be easier. Because I was dying two things and denim is a bit heavier I had to pay a bit of attention to the weight. With 600g of fabric you will get the full colour but with a heavier amount the colour will be diluted (this increases the higher the weight gets). The dress and jeans together came to just over 700g so I was confident I would be happy with the results.

This dress started life as a really light denim pinafore, much more of a summer dress. But I like a denim dress you can pair with black tights and boots for the winter. The blue achieved on this is a slightly different shade from the jeans and this will be because it started out lighter. I have gone from having a dress that wouldn’t get much wear from to one having one that I will wear loads! And the joy of a pinafore dress is that you can style it in so many different ways.

Again I’m really happy with the results achieved. The only consideration when using the Dylon Wash & Dye is to make sure you have time to do it, you need to run two full 40 degree cycles back to back on your machine (no quick eco washes) and on my machine this means I need to have around three hours to do it.

I have a few more colours to try out and some other items of clothing I’m looking forward to revamping so keep an eye on the blog and my Instagram page to see more. I’m also running a competition to win a Dylon hand dye in Burlesque Red – the perfect winter (and Christmas shade). Check out my Instagram or Twitter page to find out more.

Photograph taken by M Richardson

A few months ago when the first Alexa Chung collection was on sale in M&S I purchased a few items including the white Harry dress. I didn’t really have much intention of wearing it while it was white because lets be honest, it’s practically the same colour as my legs! After a recommendation from one of my friends at work I purchased Dylon Wash & Dye in velvet black.

I was assured it was a really simple process, but was still slightly nervous. Especially putting black dye in my washing machine, but the process was super easy and I’m pretty happy with the results. Even with the couple of unexpected touches.

So, is it really as easy as it claims to be? In short, yes. It couldn’t have been simpler. As the instructions told me to I put on rubber gloves, emptied the dye into the machine drum, chucked the dress in and hit start. The only time-consuming part of the process is that you have to allow time for 2 full washes on your machine – no eco washes allowed.

I must admit I was a bit nervous when the machine was on. I mean, the water was black! But I followed the instructions and just made sure the next load I washed was black too. Thankfully no loads after this have been dyed so I feel confident using it again.

The results were not quite what I expected (Dylon works best on cotton, linen and viscose and while the dress is 100% cotton I didn’t really factor in the trimmings) but for my first attempt I’m pretty happy with them.

I actually quite like the white stitching and think the contrast works well. The orange fastenings I really didn’t like when I first looked at it but when the buttons are done up you don’t really notice the orange. Plus if at some point I decide I don’t like them then I can always take the dress to an alterations place to get them changed.

I’m completely sold on Dylon, so much so that I have a few more colours to try out! Keep an eye on the blog and social media to see what I do next.
Photograph taken by me